Predict. Prevent. Prevail.

Apollo ProHealth is a personalised health check program, crafted by expert doctors and AI to capture your complete health status, predict risks and guide you on a path to wellness.

Drawing on 40 years of clinical expertise and 25 million screenings, ProHealth actively prevents and addresses lifestyle diseases. It's not just a program; it's a proactive stride towards the pursuit of peak health.


Your Journey to better health

Your ProHealth program includes:

Clinical excellence

Based on 40 years of clinical expertise, we have brought together science, medicine and technology to craft your ProHealth, just for you.


Holistic diagnostics & doctor review

Beyond the blood tests, ProHealth checks your heart, lung and metabolic function, cancers, flexibility, sleep and mind health. Our expert doctors help you interpret & define your path to better health.


AI-powered predictive risk scores

Our AI solutions help predict and prevent future cardiac and other risks. It’s a proactive approach to prevent problems before they occur.


Guided path to wellness

We help you stay on track to better health by maintaining a digital record, with digital nudges and health mentor calls (as needed) for informed advice and follow-up care.

Choose your ProHealth Program


Standard Health Programs

We have designed ProHealth programs by age and gender profiles for you to choose from.

My ProHealth

Individualised Health Programs

You are unique. So, you can custom design your very own ProHealth program based on your unique health profile.

ProHealth Zen

Enabling Healthy Longevity

The most clinically advanced health check program with head-to-toe evaluation and a dedicated physician partner.

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