Enabling Healthy Longevity

Using personalised precision diagnostics and evidence-based therapies, your dedicated physician partner will guide you to live a longer, healthier and happier life!

ProHealth Zen is your individualised path to achieving peak health

Precision diagnostics tailored for you

Our state-of-the-art testing protocol uses advanced, non-invasive diagnostics to comprehensively evaluate individual health, including the brain, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gut health, genetics, cancer screening, flexibility, sleep, mind, and other metabolic functions.


Whole Body MRI

Advanced imaging test with no radiation risk, creates a detailed picture of the inside of your entire body. It can help diagnose or monitor a wide range of conditions, from tumors and fractures to problems in your blood vessels.


Genome Sequencing*

Imagine knowing when to exercise and what foods to eat to get the best results! Your predisposition to various health conditions so that you can take proactive measures, ensuring early detection and prevention.


Gut Microbiome

The health of your gut affects everything from your digestion to your mood and your immune system. We will get an in-depth understanding of the composition and diversity of your microbiota, allowing you to understand its current state and how it may be impacting your overall health.


Early Cancer Detection

Evaluation of potential risks through a comprehensive tumor panel, Pap smear, Prostate Specific Antigen, Stool routine, Mammogram, Ultrasound, MRI, Low Dose CT and CT Colonography.*



Comprehensive vitamin panel, minerals and inflammation markers to assess your underlying ageing process and address symptoms like tiredness and energy, hair loss, immunity, etc.


Eye, Ear, Dental

Eye screening, audiometry and oral screening to assess your eyes, ear and dental health


Cognitive and Mind Health

Advanced assessments that allow us to determine your cognitive function and emotional wellness quotient.


Lung Function

Pulmonary function test gives a comprehensive assessment of lung function especially post COVID infection.


Flexibility, Strength & Balance

With world-class sports and exercise medicine specialists we do a comprehensive physical assessment of your posture, core strength, range of motion and balance analysis so that you can start incorporating the regimen that will help you sustain the later years of your life.


Metabolic & Hormonal Health

In-depth testing of hormones and metabolic parameters that control many different functions, including metabolism, sexual function, circadian rhythm for sleep and mood.


Bone Density & Body Composition

Tests like Dexa scan is the most accurate method for diagnosing osteoporosis or assessing fracture risk. Body composition analysis helps us understand the distribution of fat, muscle and water across the body.


Cardiac Markers & Calcium Scoring

Comprehensive evaluation of your heart function through tests like hsCRP, Lipoproteins, ECG, TMT, Echo, Lipids and CT coronary angiogram*. Calcium scoring helps us determine the plaque deposit in those with borderline risk of heart disease, especially without symptoms.

*Genome sequencing is an optional add-on screening with your ProHealth Zen.

Personalised Therapeutics


Nutrition & sustainable diets


Physical fitness


Weight loss




Stress management


Mind health


Chronic condition management


Sexual wellness


Health insights

Inclusions & Tariff

A new era of health assessment, We offer comprehensive testing, examining up to 200 parameters tailored to your unique health profile. Your well-being is our priority, embrace a proactive approach to health. Explore the power of personalised care.

Customer Journey


Why ProHealth Zen is for you

ProHealth Zen goes beyond traditional health checks, offering a personalized approach to well-being. Utilizing advanced technologies like whole body MRI, gut microbiome sequencing, low-dose CT, and genetic markers, we provide a comprehensive view of your health without unnecessary tests. Our commitment extends to empowering you through 3-month sessions with exclusive access to a lifestyle medicine expert and regular check-ins with your physician. Together, we create and refine a personalized action plan for an informed, dynamic, and effective journey to wellness.

Zen FAQs

ProHealth Zen is the most clinically advanced health management program available. Using personalised precision diagnostics for head-to-toe evaluation and evidence-based therapeutics, your dedicated physician partner guides you to live a longer, healthier and happier life.

ProHealth Zen is a program which adds years to your life and life to your years. It's one-of-a-kind health management program which first understands your current health baseline through holistic cutting-edge diagnostics, then you along with your dedicated physician partner set goals and action plan for key aspects of your health. We work with you throughout this journey towards better health using personalized therapeutics. At the end of 3 months, we review, reassess and realign the action plan.

Unlike traditional diagnostics which is typically incomplete and ends with a report, we work with you in your journey to better health.

Salient features of Apollo ProHealth Zen are as below

  • Head-to-toe Diagnostic Evaluation - Pathology + Imaging + Health Assessments. Holistic diagnostics to completely understand your health baseline e.g. Whole Body MRI, Cardiac Markers and Calcium Scoring, Low dose CT, Gut Microbiome, Comprehensive Cancer Screening, Genetics, Anti-ageing etc.

  • Dedicated Physician Partner - Your partner physician interprets results and assists in establishing personalized health and longevity goals for various dimensions of your life, creating a sustainable plan with a lifestyle medicine expert.

  • Personalised Experience - We prioritize your time, offering discreet care in our facility or your home, with options for fast-track visits.

  • Personalised Therapeutics - Therapies which are relevant for you for achieving your health goals

  • Collaborative approach - We work with you to create goals and action plans. We check-in with you periodically to ensure that you stay on the path to wellness.

The introductory price for Apollo ProHealth Zen Membership is Rs. 95,000/-. The duration of the membership is 3 months. You can add genome sequencing as an optional add-on for Rs. 25,000/-.

Our Zen manager will let you know in advance - if and how much you need to fast before giving the sample for your blood-based investigations. When you visit the facility for your remaining investigations, you need to be on 3-4 hours of fasting. You may drink water, but not tea/coffee/juice. Please continue taking your usual medications and carry previous medical records like prescriptions, medications etc., if any..

Apollo ProHealth Zen membership program is for 3 months. Subsequently, one can opt for subscription model which may be for 3 months / 6 months / 12 months.

Depending upon the imaging / radiology investigations and specialists consultations recommended for you, it can vary from 4 to 6 hours. You may choose to split your facility visit as per your convenience after discussing the same with your Zen Physician and Zen Manager.

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