You are unique, your health check should be too!

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Apollo ProHealth is the world’s most advanced health check, crafted by expert doctors and AI. Answer a few questions so we can design an individualized health plan for you with free doctor and specialist consultations included!

It’s time to start prioritizing your health!

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Apollo ProHealth!

Holistic and accurate tests that evaluate your heart, lung, metabolic function, cancers, sleep, flexibility and mind.

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You’re unique, so the program is individualised to what your health needs.

From cure to care!

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The shift from cure to care will only happen when we're preventive.That’s where predictive AI technology comes in; and takes your lifestyle, symptoms, genetics along with your results to predict risk.

Guided path to wellness

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After your digital reports come in, our expert doctor helps interpret the results and discover your path to wellness, supported by health mentors when needed.


Designed by the world’s most experienced doctors

Augmented with cutting-edge AI technology to take care of your health.

India, coming together to fight the good fight!


Indians have become ProHealth this year. Have you?

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Have questions?

Have questions?

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There is no standard plan that fits all. Once you build your health profile, our expert doctors and AI engine determine the most appropriate set of diagnostics for you based on your current health status, lifestyle, pre-existing diseases and family history, combined by Apollo's 40 years of medical learnings. So, your test package is customised to what you as an individual need.

We've built several AI-based predictive risk scores that will be included in your ProHealth report – the cardiac score predicts your chance of having a heart event within 10 years, the pre-diabetes score predicts your chance of being diagnosed with pre-diabetes within 3 years, etc. These scores bring you up to speed on the A-Z of your health and help you take the right actions.

We currently don’t provide home collection of lab samples. Your diagnostics may include a combination of laboratory and imaging / radiology diagnostics, which can only be done at our hospitals / clinics.

Fasting is only required if you have a diabetes test in the list of tests curated for you. Once you build your health profile, on your ProHealth plan page, it'll be specified whether fasting is needed for you or not.

Apollo ProHealth is currently available in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.
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