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What is Daycare, Fast Track Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery?

  • TKR has been a time-consuming procedure with close to 3 hours of surgery and considerable hospital stay post-surgery. However, recent years have witnessed a growing trend in Daycare, Fast Track Total Knee Replacement procedures for ideal patient candidates.

  • Fast Track TKR is a sophisticated procedure currently performed only at few centres that have the necessary infrastructure and an expert team. With this new revolutionary minimally invasive technique, TKR surgery can be completed in just one hour with a cost reduction by close to 30 per cent along with reduced chances of infection.

  • The procedure involves using advanced surgical techniques performed with miniature instruments while administering regional anaesthesia limited to the leg area. The miniature instruments used in the procedure ensure minimal cuts (incision), that together with regional anaesthesia significantly reduces pain, trauma, infections, complications and side effects usually associated with surgery, besides helping in faster recovery of the patient.

For a better understanding, Fast Track (or Daycare) TKR program and the related approaches are classified into 3 phases as per the proceeding of operation:

  • 1. Pre-operative phase involves:

    • - Pre-operative investigations and necessary cross consultations
    • - Complete patient assessment for surgery
    • - Adequate patient education (ex. dos & donts and exercises to be done post-surgery)
    • - Infectious prophylaxis (antibiotics before surgery)
    • - Preemptive analgesia (treatment before surgery)
  • 2. Intra-operative phase involves:

    • - Regional aneasthesia
    • - Complete pain control
    • - Minimal blood loss
  • 3. Post-operative phase involves:

    • - Multimodality, effective pain management using different analgesia techniques
    • - 24/7 nurse care for next 48 hours
    • - Home monitoring with all the necessary equipment
    • - Intensive care doctor consultation and home visits under supervision of the operating surgeon
    • - Home physiotherapist visit and early ambulation with full weight bearing the immediate next day
    • - 24/7 Apollo Home care facility with full monitoring equipment comfortably at the patient’s home
    • - Apollo E – ICU facility with virtual monitoring the patient from main ICU in Hospital
    • - 24/7 emergency ambulance service to shift the patient anytime from Home to Hospital if required

With minimal incision, minimal exposure, minimal blood loss and shorter hospital stay, Fast Track TKR has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Daycare fast track TKR also brings down the total expenditure or cost of surgery by approximately 30 per cent compared to standard TKRs. However, choosing the right patient with no comorbidities is crucial. Some of the benefits of Daycare, Fast Track TKR include:

  • 1. Faster recovery
  • 2. No overnight stay in the hospital
  • 3. Minimum or no disturbance to the regular routine
  • 4. Economic advantages (Up to 20%)
  • 5. Minimal pain owing to unique anaesthesia methods
  • 6. Faster mobility
  • 7. Faster return to normalcy
  • 8. Less mental stress or disturbances (especially in the elderly)
  • 9. Reduced risk of cross-infection at hospitals to the patients and their relatives (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic)

While COVID-19 pandemic remains prevalent in India and around the world and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future, Daycare, Fast Track TKR is safe a surgical procedure to reduce the spread of the disease.

Furthermore, with fast track TKR surgery, those patients who are worried about COVID-19 infection (the possibility of which is low) may be more at ease while scheduling their surgery knowing that they are likely to go home the same day and avoid an overnight admission.

Meet the expert

Dr K J Reddy is a well-known and most recognized Orthopedic Surgeon, with 33 years of experience in Joint Replacement and Arthroscopy. He has recently performed South India’s first Fast Track Daycare Total Knee Replacement. He is specialized in Partial and Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery, Revision Surgeries, Sports Injuries and the latest Fast Track Daycare Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad Performs South India’s first daycare, fast track TKR

Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad has the distinction of performing South India’s first daycare, fast track TKR. The revolutionary surgery was performed on a known diabetic 65-year-old female patient, by a team led by Dr K J Reddy, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad. The patient was discharged the same evening after 8 hours of post-surgery observation. She has fully recovered since and is going about with her routine with ease and great comfort.
For ideal candidates, daycare, fast track TKR (total knee replacement) surgery is safe and effective, with low readmission and complication rates on par with non-daycare TKR.
With complete infrastructure, latest equipment, the expertise of eminent consultants including competent, dedicated technicians and nurses, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad offers a comprehensive and collaborative pathway of care from pre-operative screening and counselling through intra-operative management to post-operative recovery and outpatient rehabilitation

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