Apollo ProHealth Program

Apollo ProHealth – First ever Preventive Health Management Program.


This unique 3-year program is specially designed to help PREDICT, PREVENT, OVERCOME lifestyle diseases. Empowered by Artificial Intelligence, it can PREDICT health risks, and help PREVENT the preventable ailments where required and OVERCOME lifestyle diseases where possible.

pHRA – Personalised Health Risk Assessment. Finding out the risk-factors most unique to you.
HealthMentor –Expert long-term nutrition, exercise and wellness support.
LifeScore - Tangible, easy health tracking and goal-oriented progress.

Packages in Apollo Bgs Hospitals Mysore


Apollo ProHealth CoRe

Designed to ensure you are on a path to full recovery, this program will help assess your ...

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Apollo ProHealth Covid Recovery & Wellness

Designed to ensure that you are on the perfect path to full recovery. It is a comprehensiv...

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Apollo ProHealth CoviFit

Designed to check the basic functions of vital organs, through a home sample collection, p...

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Apollo Hospitals and Clinics is the largest chain of Health Check Centers which give the advantage to choose your nearest Apollo Clinic or hospital and at your convenience. We provide an advanced range of health assessments, which combine state of the art technology with specialist expertise

The health assessments give you an in-depth insight into your current state of health and give you the means and motivation to make sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

Instructions before a Health Check

Why do you need a Health Check-Up?

Health Checks helps in proactive prevention and early detection of health issues that can and should be treated at all ages. By getting

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What should a health check do for you?

An ideal health check should be a comprehensive screening program that is tailor-made to suit the needs of an individual and not

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When should one go for a Health Check up?

Few warning signs which indicate – It’s your time for Check Up:-

  • Few changes like lumps or skin changes.
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What is the purpose of health checks?

  • Screen for diseases.
  • Assess the risk of any potential medical problems.