Apollo Master Health Check in Apollo Clinic Gorakhpur,GORAKHPUR

  • Haemogram – Hemoglobin ,Packed Cell volume ,MCHC ,MCV ,MCH ,WBC ,Differential Count ,Peripheral Smear ,RBC ,ESR , Platelet Count .Lipid Profile-Total Cholesterol ,HDL,LDL/VLDL ,Triglycerides ,Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio .Liver Function Test-Total Protein  ,Albumin ,Globulin ,A/G Ratio ,Alkaline Phosphates ,SGPT ,GGTP ,SGOT , Bilirubin (Total ,Direct ,and Indirect).Kidney Assessment-Serum Urea, Serum Creatinine ,Serum Uric Acid .Blood Sugar-Fasting And P P .Blood Grouping- Rh  Typing, X-Ray Chest ,ECG(Resting),Ultrasound(Whole Abdomen),Stool Examination , Compete Urine Analysis, Dental Examination ,Pap Smear(For Women),Physical Examination ,Consultation by the Internal Medicine Consultant ,Examination by a Gynecologist  (For Women).


  • Above the age of 20 years

Tariff Amount: Rs. 4500
Net Amount: Rs. 4500