Apollo Whole Body Check (Awbc) in Apollo Hospitals Delhi,Delhi

  • Instructions to follow before and during your health check

    ·         You are requested to report for your health check after fasting for a period of 8-10 hours. You are advised to NOT consume any solids or liquids EXCEPT for water during your period of fasting.

    ·         You are advised to collect urine and stool containers from our Apollo Wellness Centre (Gate #2, First floor, A wing – OPD Building) one day prior to your appointed health check date. If unable to collect stool container from the hospital, please use a clean container of your choice for collecting stool sample. Please DO NOT use any other container other than the container provided by the hospital for collecting a urine sample.

    ·         In case you are on the following medication

    o    Anti-diabetics (including Insulin)

    o    Anti-hypertensives

    o    Anti-hypo/hyper thyroid medication

    o    Inhalers (Asthma and COPD)

    you are advised to delay your morning dose of the medication on the day of your health check  as consuming the dose prior to drawing your blood sample may impact your results. Please ensure that you bring your medication with you for the health check so that you can have it as soon as you are advised to do so.

    ·         If you are a diabetic or are suffering from any cardiovascular disorder/disease, please inform the AHC counter upon arrival on the day of your health check.

    ·         We request you to refrain from smoking/chewing tobacco/consuming alcohol on the day of your health check

    ·         Women with confirmed or doubtful pregnancies are advised not to undergo any radiation exposure during the period of pregnancy. Kindly inform your AHC medical officer/consultant in case you are pregnant or are suspecting pregnancy.

    ·         For women who are menstruating on the day of the health check, kindly inform our AHC medical officer/consultants/gynecologists of the same.

    ·         Women undergoing whole body check/well women check/breast check/cancer check are advised to refrain from using deodorants/talcum powder on the day of the health check.

    ·         We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing and footwear on the day of your health check.

    • We encourage you to bring your running shoes/sneakers in case you might require a Treadmill Test.

    ·         Please report to the Apollo Wellness Centre 10 minutes before the appointed time of your health check on the day of your health check.

  • 40Yrs Above

Tariff Amount: Rs. 10500
Net Amount: Rs. 10500