Apollo Cancer Screening Package in Apollo Speciality Hospitals O M R,Chennai

  • Tests Male Female
    CBC Yes Yes
    Urine Routine Yes Yes
    Stool Occult blood Yes Yes
    Chest X-Ray Yes Yes
    Ultra Sound whole abdomen Yes Yes
    ENT Consultation Yes Yes
    PSA Yes NA
    Mammogram (40 yrs. & above) / Breast Ultra sonogram (below 40 yrs.) NA Yes
    Surgical / Urology Consultation with digital rectal & genital examination Yes NA
    Physician / Oncologist Consultation with Skin examination  Yes Yes
    Gynac.with Pap Smear NA Yes
    Gynec. Consultation with pap smear  NA Yes
    *Mammogram for women below 40 years of age, only if clinically recommended.
    Additional age and gender based test if required is at additional cost (up-to 25% discount offered)
    Not included in the above package, suggested only if clinically recommended.
    Colonoscopy for above 50
    On clinical grounds – Viral Markers for Hepatitis B and C for both and women


    Few tests are basis gender. Please select your gender while registering

    ‘Outsmart Cancer’ Campaign

     What is ‘Outsmart Cancer’?
    • ‘Outsmart Cancer’ is a cancer awareness campaign presented by ‘Apollo Cancer Centre’ in association with Times of India.
    • Due to lack of awareness & facilities, most cancer cases in India are detected closer to the last stage, leading to very low chances of survival and exorbitant cost of cancer treatment.
    • However, now with Apollo Hospitals you can ‘Outsmart Cancer’ by undergoing a comprehensive Cancer Screening test only for Rs 4,950/- that enables you to catch Cancer early and treat it before it gets fatal.  
    • So pledge today and get your cancer screening done because with Apollo Hospitals ‘Cancer is conquerable.’
    What people need to understand?
    • Cancer incidents are increasing in India, annual growth rate is 7%.
    • There is no prevention or cure to cancer.
    • Early detection is the key and can help treating cancer better.
    How will people get in touch with Apollo?
    • Give a miss call to 8448198134.
    • Call us on 18605001066
    • Walk-in Enquiry.
    How do people get early detection?
    • Apollo Hospitals, throughout India is offering a standard Cancer Health Check Package.
    • Apollo Cancer Screening @ Rs. 4950 /- (Special Price)
    • For Interested people, we need to provide appointments for Health Check (people can go to the Closest Apollo Hospitals, where all these tests are done).
    What if there are no Apollo Hospitals, nearby to the caller?
    • Suggest you to nearest Apollo Hospitals to undergo the checkup otherwise please check with any other any center, where cancer detection program is done and get a cancer checkup.
    Time duration for these test, does it require admission?
    • For better convenience, people can block a day and get the tests done.
    • No hospitalization is required.
    • There will be sample collection done on OP basis (Blood, Urine, Stool).
    • No fasting required.
    • Once all the reports are ready, there will be a through physical examination by the specialists.

    Is this Genetic Testing?

    • No, this is a routine cancer check – these tests can pick up the presence of early sign & symptoms.
    • Genetic Testing is a different test done to understand the possibility of cancer to an individual, by studying a person’s Gene.
    Can they opt for Genetic Testing?
    • Yes, if the caller wants to get a genetic testing done – they can choose the same.
    • We will be calling them back and educating them on the genetic testing & further proceedings.
    • There will be a special discount up to 25% offered on Genetic testing (valid only during this campaign).


    • For more campaign details people can visit – www.outsmartcancer.in
    • They can know more about Apollo Cancer Centre & Outsmart Cancer in details
    • More details about on-ground activities like, walkathon, zumbathon & hair donation will be displayed on the campaign website with contact details.                 

  • 25yrs & above

Tariff Amount: Rs. 5100
Net Amount: Rs. 5100