Apollo Personalised Health Check(Aphc) in Apollo Clinic Adayar,Chennai


    The Apollo Personalised Health Check is specially customised to suit your individual health requirements.  The exact profile of tests required for you will be determined based on your discussion with the doctor. Your doctor may request additional tests and consult if required for complete evaluation.  Any routine additional tests requested will be offered at a discount of 30%


    The core package consists of:

    •             Haematology  Profile

    •             Diabetic Profile

    •             Cardiac Profile

    •             Renal Profile

    •             Liver Profile

    •            Ultrasound and Imaging

    •            Clinical examination including cervical cancer screening, medical summary and advice by a Consultant Physician

    •             Diet and lifestyle counseling

    •             Adult vaccination counseling

  • 18-70 Years

Tariff Amount: Rs. 5500
Net Amount: Rs. 5500