Apollo Mothers Day Special Pack 2 in Apollo Children Hospital Chennai,Chennai

  • TESTS:
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Fasting Blood Sugar HbA1C 
    • Lipid Profile 
    • SGPT
    • Serum Creatinine 
    • Urine Routine 
    • ECG 
    • Pap Smear 
    • TSH 
    • X Ray (Chest) 
    • USG – Whole Abdomen 
    • Physical Examination 
    • Gynaecologist Consultation
    Recommended for Women > 40 years: Mammogram & DEXA Scan ( 30% off during promo period)
    1.Who is the test for?
    Mother’s Day is just once a year, you love your mom and want her to be healthy all 365 days. To maintain good health, one needs regular health check-ups. Either moms are too busy to find the time or they tend to not give enough importance, to their own health check-up. While on Mother’s Day you can gift her Apollo Mother’s Day Special Health Check packages. For women > 18years of age. 
    2.What is the benefit of Apollo Mother’s Day special packages?
    You can ensure that your mother is healthy on a daily basis, by keeping track of any condition that she is suffering from and following up with relevant check-ups, treatment and other procedures as necessary. Not only will you ensure that those visits actually happen at the frequency they should, but also the kind of moral and emotional support she will get from you through this will go a long way in keeping her healthy and happy.
    3.What does the test in Apollo Mother’s Day package focuses?
    This special package ensures that your mother undergoes the necessary tests to nip the possible problems in the bud such as heart disease, diabetes, liver disorders, breast and cervical cancers, anemia, thyroid disorder, osteoporosis and so on. 

  • 35yrs & above

Tariff Amount: Rs. 5700
Net Amount: Rs. 3990