Sports Medicine Specialist in Kolkata

Dr Mr Kunal Dasgupta

Sports Medicine Specialist

Experience : 10 Years 4

Apollo Clinic Garia

MON-FRI | 09:00 AM-11:00 AM

One Of The Latest Realms, Apollo’S Sports Medicine Is A Department That Is Dedicated To The Diagnosis And Treatment Of All Sports-Related Injuries And Ailments. Apollo’S Sports Medicine Deal With Conditions Such As Tennis Elbows, Muscular Strains Like Ligament Pulls, Blunt Force Trauma, Concussions, Just To Name A Few. Apollo Group Of Hospitals Is Equipped With Endurance Monitoring And Physiotherapy Units To Treat Patients And Help Them Recover Well. Suffering From A Similar Problem? Visit Ask Apollo To Find The Best Doctor And Book An Appointment From The Convenience Of Your Home!

Find the best advice for all your  health needs, Ask Apollo portal offers appointments with the best specialists in Kolkata to cater to all your medical problems. Ask Apollo offers hassle-free, quick appointments with the finest specialists in Kolkata.  Avail Excellent treatment options for all your health problems and ensure your well-being with their expertise and care.

Find The Best Advice For All Your  Health Needs, Ask Apollo Portal Offers Appointments With The Best Specialists In Kolkata To Cater To All Your Medical Problems. Ask Apollo Offers Hassle-Free, Quick Appointments With The Finest Specialists In Kolkata.  Avail Excellent Treatment Options For All Your Health Problems And Ensure Your Well-Being With Their Expertise And Care.

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