Biochemist in Hyderabad

Dr Suhasini Domalapally


Experience : 11 Years 66

Apollo Health City Jubilee Hills

MON-FRI | 09:00 AM-11:00 AM

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Biochemistry In Jubileehills

Clinical Biochemistry Is A Branch Of Medical Science That Deals With Analysis Of Body Fluids. A Part Of Clinical Pathology, Clinical Biochemistry Involves Performing Certain Tests On Body Fluids, Specifically The Serum Or Plasma, To Find Out The Cause Of Illnesses. Clinical Biochemists Are Trained To Perform Tests Like Blood Chemistry, Electrophoresis, Toxicology, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, And Urinalysis. With Apollo’S Roster Of The Best Clinical Biochemistry And The Ask Apollo Portal To Connect You Seamlessly To Them, Caring For Your Health Will Not Be The Same Again!

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