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Dr Vishnu Sharma


Experience : 7 Years 650

Apollo Hospitals International Limited Ahmedabad

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The Apollo institute of Rheumatology has resolved to shoulder the responsibility of providing quality rheumatic and arthritic care. This decision is adequately made possible with the availability of top-notch medical care facilities as well as qualified personnel. Curing arthritis is possible in Ahmadabad with qualified Rheumatologists available to combat arthritis and any other joint ailments. At our institute, we perform x-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging methods of all joints of the body. Hence, patients with soft tissues, autoimmune diseases, and vasculatures can be treated. Researches and laboratory tests are carried out at regular intervals within and outside our institute to determine the causes of the ailments of the joints and find better ways of treating them. Our specialists in Ahmadabad can now be reached online via Ask Apollo for questions and booking. Ask Apollo offers the opportunity to relate with and address the best Rheumatologists in Ahmadabad all without leaving the comfort of your home.

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