Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist in Ahmedabad

Dr Darshit Dalal

Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist

Experience : 16 Years 66

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Dr Vishal Choksi

Head & Neck Surgical Oncologist

Experience : 9 Years 458

Apollo Hospitals International Limited Ahmedabad & 3 more

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Head And Neck Cancers Are More Common In India As Most Of Population Is Addicted To Tobacco Usage. Cancer That Affects The Nasal Passages, Sinuses, Mouth, Throat, Larynx (Voice Box), Swallowing Passages, Salivary Glands And Thyroid Gland Together Are Classified As Head And Neck Cancers. Even Though Being Prevalent And A Deadly Disease, Many Of These Cancers Are Responsive To Treatment. The Multidisciplinary Team Of Head and Neck Oncology At Apollo Hospitals Provide Comprehensive Care And Ensure Proper Care Of A Patient. With The Help Of Ask Apollo Portal, You Can Now Book An Appointment Online To Consult Our Highly Experienced And Caring Oncologists.

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