Dr Kamlesh Bokil

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Dr Kamlesh Bokil


Oncology Surgery

Apollo Spectra Hospitals Pune
  • 25 Years of experience
  • English,Hindi,Marathi
  • 66 Recommendations
  • THU | 09:00 AM-11:00 AM



Awards and Achievements

  • Awarded certificate of Merti from the national scholarships Scheme, Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Goverment of India for passing the SSC examination with Distinction.
  • Passed the Higher Secondary Examination with Distinction

Research and Publications

  • Hetreotopic Pancreatic tissue causing small bowel intussuscption as a cause of Chronic abdmoinal pain – a series of three cases , presneted at MASICON 90, Panvel
  • An unusual Vesical Calculus presneted at MASICON 90 Panvel
  • How Safe is Thyroid Surgery? - A retrospective analysis of Primary and Revision Thyroidectomies for benign and malignant pathologies, for evidence of trauma to Recurrent Laryngeal Nerves and for evidence of post operative hypothyroidism - Journal of Surgical Oncology
  • Aspergillosis pf paranasal air sinuses ( Case reports and of review of literature) - Indian Journal of Cancer Vol 29(1992)7-13

Work Experience

  • Worked as an Assistant Professor of General Surgery Bharati Hospital from 30-6-1993 to 6-12-2005
  • Examiner for General Surgery with Poon aUniversity
  • Hon. Senior Consultant with Ruby Hall Clinic since 1993

Medical Council Registration


The Department of Oncology in Apollo Hospitals is one of the largest and latest facilities in India. It provides the most comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment programs in the country. We believe in holistic care and there is ample coordination with a lot of other departments of medicine. Our oncology department functions as a center for awareness, education, research and treatment. We believe that spreading awareness regarding cancer is one of the most important activities. Cancers of all types are treated using the latest treatments and cutting edge technologies. We provide biologic, immunologic, genetic, and targeted treatments for advanced cancers. We provide radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and other therapies at our state of the art centers all over the country. Book an appointment with expert specialists in Hematology Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and all the other wings of Oncology at ask apollo

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