Dr Parthajit Das

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Dr Parthajit Das

MBBS, MD(Medicine), MRCP (UK), MRCP (Rheumatology), FRCP (UK), MSC ( Sports medicine), CCST (UK)


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  • 17 Years of experience
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Awards and Achievements

 College scholarship holder

 N.R.S medical College,Kolkata India

  1996 & 1998

 Junior class assistant (Rank 2nd)-   Medicine

 N.R.S medical College,Kolkata India


 Junior class assistant (Rank – 2nd)- Surgery

 N.R.S medical College,Kolkata India


 Gold Medal 1st certificate holder-   Surgery

 N.R.S medical College,Kolkata India


 Gold Medalist (M.D -Medicine)

 Pune , India


 Specialist Registrar Representative   for East Midlands deanery

 East Midlands Deanery

 2013 - 2015

 Clinical lead in Osteoporosis and   metabolic bone  health




Research and Publications

  1.  Das P , Moorthy A  , Dharmanand BG. Testing the water : A Reflection on Rheumatology training  in India compared to the United Kingdom (accepted and waiting to be published in the Indian Journal of Rheumatology)
  2. Balancing on the edge: Implications of a UK national audit of the use of BSR-BHPR guidelines  for the diagnosis and management of PMR. , Das P, Samanta A, Dasgupta B. RMD Open 2015;1:e000095. doi:10.1136/rmdopen-2015-000095
  3. Suresh E,Das P. Recent advances in the management of gout. Quaterly J Med 2012; 105:407–417
  4. Ash Samanta, Parthajit Das, Ade Adebajo, Kuntal Chakravarty and Mark RD Johnson.Musculoskeletal Conditions and Minority Ethnic Groups: Making Sense and Sensibility of Healthcare in a Global Environment. J Gen Pract 1: e104. doi: 10.4172/2329-9126.1000e104.
  5. Anti TNF therapy in Ankylosing spondylitis - An observational study assessing the impact of smoking in White British and Indian population. DasP, Moorthy A, Samanta A. Ann Rheum Dis 2015;74:276-277.



  1. Anti TNF therapy in Ankylosing spondylitis-Is there any influence of ethnicity and smoking in treatment outcome? Das P, Moorthy A, Samanta A. Indian Journal of Rheumatology , Volume 9 , S45
  2. Ankylosing spondylitis-is there a difference in anti TNF response among first generation UK born and immigrated Indian patients? International journal of rheumatic diseases . Das P, Moorthy A.2015 vol:18 pg:25 -25
  3. A regional survey of approach towards management of Inflammatory back pain among speciality trainees across East Midlands in UK. Das P, Moorthy A.
  4. Diagnosing and Managing Inflammatory Back Pain- How Good Are Our GP Trainees? Ann Rheum Dis2014;73:802.
  5. National audit - Diagnosis and management of Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Das P, Samanta A, Dasgupta B. Rheumatology (2014) 53 (suppl 1): i110.
  6. Comparative survey of rheumatology training including UK, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. Das P, Moorthy A, E Suresh, Sakthiswary S.Ann Rheum Dis 2013;72(Suppl3):1037
  7. A prospective study comparing rheumatology training across UK and Canada. Das P, Moorthy A, Maksmowych W. Ann Rheum Dis 2014;73:802 doi:10.1136.
  8. Rheumatology training in India – A reflection and comparison with United kingdom.

Das P, Moorthy A, Dharmanand D. Ann Rheum Dis 2016

  1. Das P, Cooray A, Sheikh N, Qaimkhani S, Khairandish K. Satisfaction and emotional wellbeing in patients undergoing caudal epidural injections in 2 different settings – A prospective observational study(Accepted as an Abstract for BASEM 2017)


Text Book

Written a Chapter on “Muscle pain”(Chapter 68) in  Oxford text book of Medicine


MBBS, MD(Medicine), MRCP (UK), MRCP (Rheumatology), FRCP (UK), MSC ( Sports medicine), CCST (UK)

Work Experience

            Following completion of undergraduate (MBBS) and post graduate training (MD in internal medicine) in India he went to United Kingdom for specialist training in rheumatology and internal medicine. He was awarded the certificate of completion of specialist training CCT-Rheumatology (UK) by the Postgraduate Medical Education & Training Board of the UK. He obtained MRCP(UK) from the Royal College of Physicians of UK and was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh (FRCP) in 2017.In addition he also undertook MSc-Sports and exercise medicine from the University of Nottingham. He has worked as a consultant rheumatologist in the Kings College Hospital in London and Kettering General Hospital, UK before taking up his current position as a visiting physician and rheumatologist at RK Mission Sevapratisthan Hospital and part time consultant at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Kolkata. 

He has been  invited as a speaker at several national and international rheumatology conferences and meetings .He  was  also a principal investigator in several clinical trials related to  therapies on  inflammatory arthritis. He has published his work widely in several peer-reviewed and international journals and has co-authored a chapter on “Muscle pain” (Chapter 68) in the 'Oxford Textbook of Medicine.

He has extensive teaching experience and was nominated as an honorary lecturer in the University of Leicester, UK. He is also an examiner for the MRCP examinations held in United Kingdom and India.

Certifications & Professional Memberships

MRCP (UK)- 2009

MRCP (Rheumatology) – 2013

Fellow of Royal college of Physicians, UK

Member of Royal College of Physician, London, UK

Member - British Society of Rheumatology

Medical Council Registration

WBMC - 56612

Special Interests

Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, SLE and connective tissue diseases, Myositis, Systemic vasculitis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions (back pain), Sports medicine

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