Dr Lakshmi Podduturi Reddy

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Dr Lakshmi Podduturi Reddy



  • 44 Years of experience
  • English,Hindi,Telugu
  • 1557 Recommendations
  • MON-THU | 12:00 AM-01:45 PM, 01:45 PM-11:45 PM Show More



Work Experience

  • Consultant OBG, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad (1988 till date)

Certifications & Professional Memberships


Medical Council Registration



  • MBBS Osmania University, AP
  • Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, London (1979)
  • Fellow of Royal College Of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, London (1995)
  • High risk Pregnancy ,Adolescent Gynaecology Womens & health issues

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Gynaecology Department At Apollo Hospitals Is Committed To The Overall Well Being Of The Women'S Health. To Meet This Goal, We Encourage Women To Have Regular Health Checks To Pick Up Health Issues Before They Become A Problem. Specialty Clinics Provide You With An Option To Meet And Consult With Experienced Consultants For Specific Conditions. Gynecology At Apollo Offer Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques To High End Robotic Surgeries Which Ensure Minimum Scar, Blood Loss And Getting Back To Normal Life Early. You No Longer Have To Wait For Getting An Appointment With Your Favorite Doctor. Visit Ask Apollo To Book An Appointment Online.

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Find The Best Advice For All Your  Health Needs, Ask Apollo Portal Offers Appointments With The Best Specialists In Hyderabad To Cater To All Your Medical Problems. Ask Apollo Offers Hassle-Free, Quick Appointments With The Finest Specialists In Hyderabad.  Avail Excellent Treatment Options For All Your Health Problems And Ensure Your Well-Being With Their Expertise And Care.

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