Dr Jaisom Chopra

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Dr Jaisom Chopra


Vascular Surgeon

Apollo Hospitals Delhi & 5 more
  • 35 Years of experience
  • English,Hindi
  • 67 Recommendations
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Research and Publications

  • A comparative study of Doppler vasoscan and Angiograpahy in the initial assessment of Claudication. Cowthorn SJ, Chopra J, Cox MI, Gregory MA, Gompels BM, MacFarland RJ
  • Doppler spectrum analysis (vasoscan) in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients undergoing angioplasty. MacFarland RJ, Chopra J, Cowthorn SJ, Cox MI
  • Closure of external pancreatic fistula by standostatin or oral pancreatic enzymes.
  • The value of Dopper Spectrum Analysis in the follow-up of femoro-distal grafts in patients with peripheral vascular disease. Cowthorn SJ, Chopra J, MacFarland RJ
  • Battery Acid ingestion – a retrospective study of 125 patients. Chopra J, Hameed MF, Pillay SS South African Surgeons Association Journal – August 1995
  • Deep vein thrombosis – A universal problem Chopra J IMA New Delhi Branch – November 1997
  • Several articles in newspapers and Hospital Journal on peripheral vascular disease.



Work Experience

  • Working in Apollo Hospitals since last Assignment

Certifications & Professional Memberships

  • Vascular Society of India.

Medical Council Registration

DMC- 10683