Dr Mano Bhaduria

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Dr Mano Bhaduria

MD.( Radiotherapy) MAMC Sr. Consultant Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncologist

Apollo Hospitals Delhi
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Awards and Achievements

  • Gold Medallist in Final MBBS.- Best Female Graduate in Final MBBS.
  • Received Dr. Rekha Aggarwal Award from Rotary club Jodhpur for scoring highest marks in ENT and Ophthalmology.
  • Received Marudhara award from Marudhara Chambers , Jodhpur for being the best female graduate in final MBBS.

Research and Publications

  • Oncoprotein C-erb- B2 expression in SCC of Uterine Cervix and evaluation of its of its significance in response of the disease to treatment. M. Bhadauria etal. India Journal of Physiology 2001:45 (2): 191-198(this work has been done in India for the first time). Role of Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer. M. Bhadauria et al. Hospital Today Vol. VIII No.1 Jan.2002, Pg.7-11.


MD.( Radiotherapy) MAMC Sr. Consultant Radiation Oncology

Work Experience

  • Professional Experience: (13 years post M.D. Radiotherapy)

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Radiation Therapy