Dr Kuldeep Singh

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Dr Kuldeep Singh

MBBS, MS (surgery), MCh (plastic surgery)

Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeon

Apollo Hospitals Delhi
  • 26 Years of experience
  • English,Hindi
  • 112 Recommendations
  •  MON, WED, FRI-SAT | 02:00 PM-04:30 PM

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Paper Award-Assoc. of Surgeons of India(U.P.Chapter)  Allahabad Conference, -- Nov 1985
  • A.P.S.I. Best Paper Award: Assoc. of Plastic Surgeons of India, Winter Conf. New Delhi– Dec.1988.
  • A.P.S.I. Best Paper Award:: Assoc. of Plastic Surgeons of India, Baroda Conf. – Sept. 1989.  
Fellowships awarded
  • A.P.S.I. National Training Fellowship for 1994-1995 utilised for training in Microsurgery at C.M.C. Ludhiana. 
Additional professional activities
  • Former Treasurer    -  Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
  • Former Executive member – Delhi Chapter – Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
  • Secretary General – 7th Asia Pacific Burns Congress
  • rganizing Secretary – IPRAS 2009 (World Congress of Plastic Surgery)
Scientific activities 2009 - 2015
1. Invited lectures :
  • Management of Pigmented & Vascular lesions using YAG Lasers . At AESURG 2010( Annual meeting of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) – April 2010.Port Blair, India 
  • What facial fillers can do. At AESURG 2010( Annual meeting of the Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic
  • Surgeons) – April, 2010 .Port Blair, India
  • Use of VAC on sternal wounds . WOUNDCARECON . September, 2009
  • Safety & Consistency in Primary Excision. Panel discussion on “ Primary Excision in Burns”. NABICON 2010 ( 18th  Annual Conference of National Academy of Burns) Jan 2010. Pondicherry
  • VAC therapy. INDO-US Emergency Medical Summit. Baroda Oct. 2010
  • Lecture on Lasers. LASERCON 2010 . Oct 2010, Lucknow, India
  • “Fillers in Facial Rejuvenation” Symposium in Aesthetic Surgery. APSICON2010. Goa.
  • Midface Volumisation. Lecture & Demo. AESURG 2011. April 2011 . Poovar, Kerala
  • Lecture on volumizing the Midface. INDOMEDICON . May 2011. New Delhi
  • Non surgical Rhinoplasty- A convenient option. IMCAS India, Gurgaon. Nov.2011
  • Composite approach to scar & keloid prophylaxis. IMCAS India.2011 Nov. Gurgaon
  • Collagen remodeling of skin using the Fractional Nonablative Multiplex Laser. IMCAS India . Nov 2011
  • Optimizing mid face volumization. IMCAS Shanghai. July 2012
  • Multimodality approach to scar management in dark skin. IMCAS Shanghai July 2012
  • Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty. AESURG 2012. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
  • Pitfalls in Laser Hair removal. IMCAS India. Gurgaon. November, 2011
  • Particularly difficult areas to treat-  Difficult areas to inject . Toxins. IMCAS Singapore 2013.
  • Midface volumetric injection difficulties. IMCAS Singapore 2013
  • Correction of facial asymmetry with Botulinum toxin. IMCAS Singapore 2013
  • Whats new in Nasolabial fold injection. IMCAS Singapore 2013
  • Fillers for acne scarring. IMCAS Singapore 2013
  • Midface volumisation: which is better- needle or cannula. IMCAS Goa , 2013
  • Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty 2013 updates. IMCAS Goa, 2013
  • Naslabial folds- then & now . IMCAS Goa 2013
  • Sellulite and Body Shaping treatments in India. IMCAS Goa 2013
  • Atypical aesthetic indications of botulinum toxin. IMCAS GOA 2013
  • Live demo on fillers. Focus on : nose & midface. IMCAS Goa, 2013
  • Tweaking the Smile. Botulinum toxin alone or with HA. Teaching course1. IMCAS Hong Kong 2014
  • Selecting the right patient for body contouring & consequences of wrong selection. IMCAS Hongkong.2014
  • Difficulties in correction of facial asymmetry. IMCAS Hong Kong 2014.
  • Midface Anatomy. Preconference workshop. IMCAS Goa 2014
  • Complications of toxin in lower face & neck. IMCAS Goa 2014
  • Role of Lasers in Acne scars. IMCAS Goa 2014
  • Updates in anatomy on upper face. IMCAS Goa 2014
  • Deconstruction of the Midface. IMCAS Congress Paris, 2015
  • Master Class “ Difficult cases of BontA in upper, mid & lower Face. IMCAS Congress. Paris 2015
  • Expert opinion on UpperFace Anatomy- Session on Live Cadaver Anatomy. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Indications for Collagen Remodelling. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • ers for Acne Scarring. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Lasers for Acne Scars. What’s the danger? IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Tweaking the Smile with Toxin alone or in Combination with HA. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Master Class on Fillers- 3D Volumization of Face. ISAPS Course Agra India.February,2016
  • Master Class on Botox- Advanced Indications. ISAPS Course Agra India.February,2016
  • Non Surgical Rhinoplasty- Indications & Advantages. AESURG 2016, Kolkata, 30th  April- 1st  May 2016
  • Balancing with Botox- AESURG 2016, Kolkata, 30th  April- 1st  May 2016
  •  Changing concepts of Nasolabial folds- AESURG 2016, Kolkata, 30th  April- 1st  May 2016

 Chaired/ Moderated/ Panelist:

  • Moderator of Panel Discussion on “ Primary Excision in Burns “ NABICON 2010 ( 18th  Annual Conference of National Academy of Burns) Jan 2010. Pondicherry .
  • Chaired session” Reconstruction in Burns” June 2010. ISBI . World Congress on Burns. Istanbul, Turkey
  • Chaired session 8. NABICON 2010 ( 18th  Annual Conference of National Academy of Burns) Jan 2010.
  • Pondicherry .
  • Chaired session at WOUNDCARECON 2009. Sept 2009. New Delhi
  • Chaired Session on fat transfer at AESURG2011 at Poovar.
  • Chaired Session 26 .Abdominoplasty at IMCAS Shanghai, July 2012
  • Chaired session on Face lift in AESURG 2012, Kodaikanal
  • Chaired Session on ‘New trends in cellulite& body shaping’ IMCAS 2011 Nov.
  • Panelist. Panel on Antiageing. COSDERMINDIA 2013 ( Annual Conf of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India)
  • Panelist. Panel on Body Contouring . COSDERMINDIA 2013 July,
  • Chaired .Difficult areas to inject. Fillers. IMCAS Asia SingaporeJuly 2013 
  • Chaired Session on Free Papers NABICONFeb, 2014
  • Chaired session on Toxins: updates from Anatomy. IMCAS Goa 2013
  • Chaired session on Masseter reshaping. IMCAS. Paris 2015
  • Chaired Session on Live Demonstration of Fillers. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Chaired Session on: Perfect Lips- Asian vs Caucasian. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Chaired session on Research & New Technologies. IMCAS Bali, July 2015
  • Chaired session on Aesthetic Surgery- Ifs & Buts – AESURG 2016, Kolkata, 30th  April- 1st  May 2016
  • Chaired session on Rhinoplasty- AESURG 2016, Kolkata, 30th  April- 1st  May 2016

Workshops conducted

  • Multiple workshops on Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation(including Lasers) at  IMCAS India, APSICON, IAAPS, CSI, Safdarjung Hospital, KEM Hospital Mumbai, PGIMER Chandigarh, King George Medical College Lucknow and Apollo Cosmetic Clinics New Delhi

Research and Publications

Publications in Scientific Journals
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MBBS, MS (surgery), MCh (plastic surgery)

Work Experience

  • Senior Consultant Department of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery INDRAPRASTHA APOLLO HOSPITALS, NEW DELHI, INDIA
  • Associate Professor (Officiating)-Jan1995 to Nov 1995
  • Assistant Professor- Jan1990 to Dec1994
  • Jan 1990- Nov 1995 Kasturba Medical College, Manipal , Karnataka 

Certifications & Professional Memberships

Professional memberships
  • Member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India
  • Member of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons 
  • Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Member of International Society of Burn Injuries
  • Member of National Academy of Burns – India
  • Member Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India

Medical Council Registration

DMC- 3427

Special Interests

Areas of interest                 
  • Early Excisional Surgery in Burns
  • Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • Lasers, Botox & Fillers in Aesthetic Practice
  • Non surgical facial rejuvenation
  • Primary Trauma Care & Disaster Drills
  • Body contouring