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MBBS,DNB,DPM (Psychiatry)


Apollo Spectra Hospitals Alwarpet
  • 22 Years of experience
  • English,Hindi,Tamil,Kannada
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Research and Publications

  • Tharoor H, Kar N, Kumar V, Mishra P. Catatonic Syndrome as a complication of Enteric Fever. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 2002, 44 (2) 183 – 185.
  • Tharoor H, Chauhan A, Sharma PSVN. Pathological milk drinking. German Journal of Psychiatry, 2006 (9)120-122.
  • Tharoor H, Deora S, Chauhan A, Sharma PSVN. Lithium - Neuroleptic Combination Leading to Permanent Neurological Sequelae? German Journal of Psychiatry, 2007(10) 18-20.
  • Tharoor H Genital self-mutilation in an elderly male Primary companion, 2007;9(5):396-7.
  • Tharoor H, Elsie O. A profile of bipolar patients on clozapine maintenance. Bipolar Disorder, 2007, volume 9, Supplement1, pg. 103.
  • Tharoor H, Lobos EA, Todd RD, Reiersen AM. Association of Dopamine, serotonin and nicotinic gene polymorphisms with methylphenidate response in ADHD. American Journal of Neuropsychiatric Genetics. 2008 Jun 5;147B(4):527-30.
  • Chauhan A, Tharoor H, Kar N, Sinha M, Sharma PSVN. Self Induction of Photosensitive Epilepsy - Role of Secondary Gains and Psychological Management: Twin Case Report and Literature Review. German Journal of Psychiatry, 2007 (10)96-99.
  • Tharoor H, Chauhan A, Sharma PSVN. Disability and Quality of life in euthymic patients with bipolar affective or recurrent depressive disorder. 


MBBS,DNB,DPM (Psychiatry)

Certifications & Professional Memberships

  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)

Medical Council Registration



  • Dr. Hema Tharoor is a Paediatric and adult Psychiatric at Apollo Spectra Alwarpet Chennai. She is an expert in treating disorders like bipolar disorder, psychiatric disorder, mood disorders, and behavioural science.
  • She has won various awards such as Re-entry Grant to work on Lithium response and Serotonin transporter gene in Biploar Disorder in 2008 by FIC-ICOHRTA, TMA PAI Gold Medal for Excellence in Medical Research (March 2008), and Fogarty International Center-International Clinical, Operational and Health services Research Training Award (FIC-ICOHRTA) Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 2006 - 2007. She has completed MBBS, DPM, and DNB (Psychiatry) from renowned institutions of the country. 

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