Dr Major Nagaraju Kuravi

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Dr Major Nagaraju Kuravi


Pediatric Allergy Specialist

Apollo Children Hospital Chennai
  • 15 Years of experience
  • English,Aymara
  • 2 Recommendations
  •  WED, SAT | 03:00 PM-04:00 PM

Awards and Achievements

  •        Fellow of Indian Academy of Paediatrics
  •        Delivered Jayaraj Nadar Oration
  •        Delivered Arul Raj Oration at IMA Erode Conference
  •        Delivered Paediatric Oration at Nellore
  •        Fellow of Indian College of Allergy & Applied Immunology
  •        Started a paediatric Allergy Association of India
  •        Prepared ARCTM (Allergy Rhinitis Module for Paediatrics)
  •        Prepared cough module for Paediatricians.
  •        Prepared ADEX module for Paediatricians.



Work Experience

Experience (inbrief) :

  • Assistant Professor & incharger of Asthma Clinic of Paediatrics, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai
  • Associate Professor & incharger of Allergy & Asthma Clinic, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai
  • Professor of Paediatrics & incharger of Allergy Clinic, Sri Balaji Medical College,      Chennai
  • Senior Consultant in Paediatric Allergy & Immunology – Kanchi Kamakoti Childs     Trust Hospital, Chennai

Certifications & Professional Memberships

  • World Allergy Organisation
  • Asia pacific Academy of Allergy & Immunology
  • South Asia Academic of Allergy & Immunology
  • Indian Academy of Allergy
  • Indian Academy of Paediatrics
  • IAP Allergy & Applied Immunology
  • Paediatric Allergy Association of India
  • European College of Allergy & Clinical Immunology
  • European Respiratory Society (ERS)
  • IAP Respiratory Chapter
  • IAP Adolescent Chapter
  • Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences
  • IAP Gastroenterology Chapter.
  • Indian College of Allergy & Applied Immunology

Medical Council Registration




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