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Dr Abdul Ghafur


Infectious Disease Specialist

Apollo Hospitals Greams Road Chennai & 1 more
  • 16 Years of experience
  • English,Tamil,Malayalam,Arabic
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Awards and Achievements

  • Indian Medical Association Oration Award

Research and Publications

  • BMJ,LANCET,etc



Work Experience

  • Consultant in Infectious Diseases , Infection Control and Clinical Microbiology; Adjunct Associate Professor in Infectious diseases,Apollo Hospitals,Chennai,India. PREVIOUS APPOINTMENTS 21/06/04-30/04/08 :
  • Specialist Registrar in Clinical Microbiology ,Infection control and Chronic infection services, Division of Infection; Royal Free Hospital,London 2003-2004 :
  • Senior Clinical Fellow(Registrar) in Respiratory and HIV Medicine; Royal Free Hospital ,London March 2000-July 2003 : Medical specialist,Sharjah Ministry of Health,UAE August 99 - March 2000 :
  • Consultant Physician, EMS Hospital,Kerala,India. June1996- June 1999 :
  • Post Graduate Student in Medicine, Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore ,India 1995-96:
  • Post Graduate student in General Surgery, Calicut Medical College, Kerala International invited lectures Chennai declaration: International pathology day; Royal College of Pathologists,London, 5th November 2014.
  • Change and behaviour and life style: Euroscience open forum,June 2014,Copenhagen Chennai Declaration, ECCMID preconference workshop,Barcelona,April 2014
  • Chennai declaration, graduate institute ,Geneva,March 2014
  • Tackling antimicrobial resistance-Indian perspective-Royal free hospital,London,October 2013-10-10 Chennai declaration and antibiotic resistance: Public Health England,Colindale,London,October 2013.
  • Overcoming barriers to behavioral changes-Antimicrobial resistance:Incentivizing change towards a global solution:
  • Chatham house(Institute of international affairs,London)october 2013. “Chennai Declaration”-An Indian initiative to tackle antimicrobial resistance, ICAAC september 2013 Denver,USA Meet the professor:ICAAC september 2013
  • Denver,USA along with Dr Otto cars,Laura piddock and Dr Antony So Meet the expert-setting up infection control in resource limited settings,ICPIC 2013-Geneva Hyperendemic Gram negatives-indian scenario-ICPIC 2013,June 2013
  • Geneva Chennai Declaration-A historic initiative-ICPIC June 2013-Geneva Indian perspective of tackling resistance-June 2013-ICPIC Geneva Indian perspective of tackling resistance-June 2013.
  • 3rd world HAI meeting,Annecey,France Management of NDM producers-ECCMID Berlin April 2013
  • Gram negative resistance problem in India,Australian infectious diseases society and CDC combined meeting,March 2013,canberra,Australia Mobilising political will to tackle antimicrobial resistance,
  • Australian infectious diseases society and CDC combined meeting,March 2013,canberra,Australia. ESBL in the community-ISAAR Kulalalampur March 2013 Management of ESBL UTI- ISAAR Kualalampur March 2013
  • Pan resistant Gram Negative bacteria-An Indian perspective. HAI conference on “Living in a world without antibiotics” Annecy,France.June 26-29, 2011
  • “Chennai declaration”: International patient safety congress,Hyderabad,Sep 2013
  • National Conferences and other invited lectures Chennai declaration; IAMM jaipur,september 2014 Fungal infections in oncology patients,IAMM,september 2014.
  • Antibiotics stewardship in Inida: Infection control conference,Hyderabad,september 2014. Chennai declaration:Phocon,chennai,spetember 2014.
  • Antibiotic stewardship; Theni medical college conference,June 2014 PUO, Fortis conference, April 2014 Pyrexia of Unknown origin; GAMICON 2013,December 2013
  • Mumbai Tackling antimicrobial resistance;GERICON,December 2013,
  • Chennai Antibiotic resistance: Is there a future? PCCON 2013,
  • November 2013,New Delhi Antibiotic stewardship- JPIMER Pondichery,November 2013
  • Antimicrobial resistance-CME by IMA Karnataka,Bangalore:October 2013 Invasive fungal infections- CME by IMA Karnataka,Bangalore:October 2013.
  • Chennai Declaration-International patient safety congress,Hyderabad,Sep 2013. Plenary lecture;Chennai declaration,CRTICARE 2013
  • March,Kolkota Chennai declaration,APICON 2013,COIMBATORE,Jan 2013 Gram positive infections-APICON 2012,Calcutta -2012 Antibiotics in ICU-APICON Jan 2011
  • Ahmadabad Tackling antimicrobial resistance,state Microbiology conference,Feb 2013,mangalore Mucormycosis:CIDSCON 2012,
  • chennai,August 2012 Combination of antibiotics, APCC meeting ,Delhi, Nov 2011 How can India tackle resistance,APCC meeting Delhi,Nov 2011 Pulmonary fungal infections-Respicon 2011
  • May-Calicut Managing fungal infections—AIDC,Chennai,Dec 2011
  • Fungal pneumonias , lecture delivered in the Microcon 2009, national microbiology conference, Mysore. “Meet the professor session” on Oncology infections, ICON meeting ,Mumbai 2009 Management of fungal infections in the ICU,criticare 2010,Hyderabad Feb 2010. “Management of fungal infection in ICU”,Criticon 2010,Feb 2010.Mumbai Jeslok Hospital Management of UTI-Apollo Infectious diseases forum-June 2013.
  • Chennai Declaration-The way foreward-meeting in Chennai by phramacists June 2013
  • Chennai declaration-SRM medical college,April 2013
  • Chennai Declaration,the way forward,AIFIC,Jan 2013,Chennai Fungal infections and pulmonologists,Respiratory update,Hinduja hospital,Mumbai,Dec 2012
  • An obituary-To antibiotics:City ENT meet,MMC,Chennai September 2012. Gram Positive Infections:To intensivists in Calicut;September 2012 Indian resistance crisis:Time to reinforce practical solutions,All I ndia web meeting,July 2012
  • Bugs and Bucks” .CME conducted in Dubai April 2012 Management of MDR gram negatives--international meeting,Chennai march 2012 Management of MDR gram negatives-Chennai march 2012
  • Lymphadenopathy-surgical course,Apollo,march 2002 Fungal infections-Critical care society-coimbatore-Feb 2012 Managing fungal infections-Care hospital-Vyzag. Feb 2012
  • Fungal Infections for intensivists-jan 2012-Hyderabad Fungal infections –Indian scenario-Feb 2012,Chennai Candida ,does she give fever?CIMSCON Ahamadabad,Jan 2012
  • Managing difficult to treat Gram negatives in Indian ICU-Hyderabad- Jan2012 Managing difficult to treat Gram negatives in Indian ICU-Chennai- Jan2012
  • Prophylaxis,pre emptive or empirical…Jaslok,Mumbai,dec 2011 Gram positive conclave, ,Chennai ,November 2011 Managing difficult fungal infections,Bangalore,November 2011
  • Managing difficult infection in a liver transplant patient,Global hospital,OCT 2011 Pyrexia of unknown origin,Hinduja hospital,Sep 2011 Management of infections in pregnant patients,MGIMS Pondicherry, sep 2011
  • Fungal infections management, Chennai,sep 2011
  • ICU fungal infections, Bangalore,sep 2011 How can India tackle the resistance crisis? Webinar to multiple centres,August 2011. Tackling resistance-an Indian scenario-Cross border meeting- Kualalampur-July 2011 New approach in the management of fungal infection--chennai-July 2011 Gram positive infections-chennai,July 2011
  • Fungal infections –An Indian scenario-Mumbai-April 2011 Antibiotic resistance-Indian scenario-,Chennai-April 2011 “Antibiotics in ICU setting”-meeting in Chennai ,an international speaker forum-May 2011
  • Bad bugs-No drugs-State paediatric conference,Calicut-April 2011 Antibiotic rational usage-MIMS calicut-April 2011 Jaslok Infection meeting, Mumbai april 2011
  • Fungal meeting, madras university,march 2011 Advances in lab diagnosis-ramachandra Medical college Feb 2011 Pulmonary fungal infections, National Respiratory update, Hinduja Hospital,Mumbai, Dec 2010
  • Antifungal prophylaxis in Neutropenics,CME on fungal infections, KPC medical college , Kolkata.November 2010 Fungal infections and antifungals, Bangalore, November 2010
  • Controversy and considerations in managing infection in ICU, Cochin, November 2010. Choosing the right antifungal, Chennai,October 2010 Rapid bacteriologic diagnosis. Critical care Infection update, Hyderabad,October 2010
  • Is third world the epicenter of antibiotic resistance, Critical care Infection update, Hyderabad,October 2010 Combination therapy in Gram negatives,Critical care Infection update, Hyderabad,October 2010
  • Tackling resistance,Critical care Infection update, Hyderabad,October 2010 Antibiotics in community acquired pneumonia,Annual infection control meeting,MGMCRI,Pondichery,October 2010.
  • Candida infections in ICU,Sanjay Gandhi Institute, September2010.Lucknow. Management of ICU infections, panelist, international Speaker forum, Chennai,September 2010
  • Tackling resistance, theory and practice, MIMS hospital, Calicut, September 2010. Management of fungal infections in ICU,international speaker forum, September, Chennai 2010
  • Fungal infection and antifungals, Chennai, September 2010. ICU infections, International speaker forum, delivered lecture, Chennai,August 2010.
  • Management of resistant bacterial infections.Chennai ,August 2010. New paradigm in the management of sepsis, railway hospital, Chennai,August 2010.
  • Save antibiotics!! Dubai ,June 2010. Fungal infections in ICU,DUBAI,June 2010. Candida infections in ICU,June ,Vijayavada,2010. Tackling antimicrobial resistance,Vijayavada ,june 2010
  • Management of fungal infections in ICU,Vijayavada,June 2010. New horizons in the diagnosis of Sepsis,sriramachandra medical college, April 2010 Rational use of antibiotics, MIMS hospital,Calicut April,2010
  • Management of Gram positive infections”lecture and panel discussion,criticare 2010,Hyderabad,Feb 2010 “Future of antifungals” criticare 2010 hYderabad ,feb 2010
  • Implant infection for intensivists”criticon 2010, Jeslok hospital,Mumbai Feb 2010. ‘”Management of fungal infection in Oncology patients” National Haematology conference,Jan 2010,Mumbay
  • Are all Echinocandins the same? Asia Paific Critical Care conference in Delhi,Dec 2009 Management of complicated Gram positiveinfections, lecture delivered to a meeting of intensivists ansd physicians, Nov 2009,
  • Chennai. Participated in the Posoconazole expert meeting , Singapore , Nov 2009 Candida in the ICU, lecture delivered to the intensivists from South India, Chennai, Oct 2009
  • Swine flu in pregnancy, Talk given in Institute of obstetrics, Chennai, September 2009. “How to debug the emerging threat of superbugs in oncology” ICON meetimg, Mumbai September 2009
  • Panelist in International Panel Discussion on “management of resistant gram positive infection, Bangalore,August 2009 ”Bacterial and fungal infections in solid and nonsolid organ transplant recepients, Sepsis 2009 meet, New Delhi, August 2009
  • Management of invasive fungal infections, Critical care society , mangalore 2009 “Management of soft tissue infections,old bugs with new weapons”, Sepsis 2009
  • meet, New Delhi.,August 2009. “ How to select antibiotics to to treat VAP” ,ootty July 2009 “Asian HAP guidelines” Talk given to the intensivists 30th June , at Marriot Hotel,Chennai “Management of complicated skin and soft tissue infections” Railway hospital,Chennai, 12th June 2009 National Symposium on Management of Invasive Fungal Infections- 2009
  • on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 February, 09 at Hotel Intercontinental Lalit, Goa.Delivered a talk on “Mucormycosis in Haemato-oncology Patients” “Management of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia” Delivered a talk ,Critical Care Forum, Calicut May 2009
  • Management of Resistant Gram Positive infections”Delivered a talk ,ICU meet in Pondichery ,May 2009 “Invasive Fungal Infections” Trivandrum,2009
  • Invasive Fungal Infections” Cochin 2009 “Management of Gram negative infections”Mangalore 2008 “Management of Gram negative infections”Coimbatore 2008 “Management of Invasive fungal infections”Coimbatore 2008

Certifications & Professional Memberships

  • Core committee member for National Antibiotic policy 
  • Guideline of Indian Ministry of Health Listed in the Prestigious Marquis Who's in the world

Medical Council Registration


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