Dr Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah (Simha)

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Dr Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah (Simha)

MB BS, MD (Academic surgery), MRCS (Eng, Ed, Glas), MRCSI (Dub), FRCS (Gen.Surg), EBSQ (European Board of Surgery – Coloproctology)

Colorectal Surgeon

Apollo Hospitals Bannerghatta Road & 1 more
  • 20 Years of experience
  • English,Hindi,Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam
  • 1 Recommendations

Awards and Achievements

  • He is a recipient of number of awards and travel fellowships

Research and Publications

Peer Reviewed Articles
  • Chandrasinghe P, Srinivasaiah N , Warusavitarne J et al (2017). Transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME) for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): review of technique and initial experience. Sri Lanka Journal of Surgery. 35(4), pp.3–7. DOI:http://doi.org/10.4038/sljs.v35i4.8431
  • Haywood M, Molyneux C, Mahadevan V, Srinivasaiah N: Right colic artery anatomy: a systematic review of cadaveric studies. Tech Coloproctol. 2017 Dec;21(12):937-943. PMID: 29196959
  • N Srinivasaiah et al: Locally Advanced Rectal and Colonic (LARC) Cancers - An outlook. The Journal of the British International Doctors’ Association Issue No.3, Volume 23. Page 21 – 24, September 2017
  • N Srinivasaiah, J Marshall, A Gardiner, J R Monson, G S Duthie: Rectal Irrigation in the treatment of Defecation disorders – A retrospective evaluation of a prospective database. Clin Surg Dec 6 2016; 1: 1227.
  • Matthew Haywood, Srinivasaiah N. The Right Colic Artery:  an anatomical demonstration and its relevance in the laparoscopic era. Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2016 Aug 9:1-5. PMID: 27502338
  • Srinivasaiah N, Iwuchukwu O, Stanley PW Hart NB, Platt AJ, Drew P J. Risk Factors for Complications Following Breast Reduction: Results from a RCT. Breast J. 2014 May-Jun; 20(3):274-8. PMID: 24750511
  • Srinivasaiah N and J.R.T. Monson. Thrombo-Prophylaxis (TP) In Colorectal Surgery: A National Questionnaire Survey of members of ACPGBI. Colorectal Disease, Feb 2012. PMID: 22321914 
  • Srinivasaiah N, Drew PJ, Platt A. Quality Of Life Issues in Aesthetic Breast Surgery - A Review Article. Br J Hosp Med (Lond). 2010 Apr;71(4):211-5.PMID: 2039343
  •  Srinivasaiah N, Gunn J, Hartley J, Monson J. A qualitative analysis of a focus group discussion on patient decision making in cancer care. J Clin Oncol. 2009 May 20; 27(15_suppl):e15145. PubMed PMID: 27960888.
  • Srinivasaiah N and J.R.T. Monson. Radiotherapy in Rectal cancer – Is it time for change?  A qualitative analysis of the national Questionnaire survey of members of ACPGBI on preliminary CRO7 results. Colorectal Dis. 2008 Nov; 10(9):873-8. PMID: 18325044  
  • Srinivasaiah N, B. Joseph, P. Mackey and J.R.T. Monson. How do we manage early rectal cancer? A national questionnaire survey among members of the ACPGBI after the preliminary results of the MRC CR07/NCIC CO16 randomized trial. Colorectal Disease 2007.  PMID: 17764532
  • Srinivasaiah N, S Barrett, Drew PJ. A point prevalence survey of wounds in north-east England.  J Wound Care. 2007. PMID:  18065016 
  • Srinivasaiah N, Yalamuri R , Umez Eronini N.0, Rix D, Talbot D. Venae Comitantes Fistulae: A Valuable Option In Patients With Difficult Haemodialysis Access. Journal of Vascular Access 2007; PMID: 18161671
  • Srinivasaiah N, Balupuri S, Talbot D, Jaques BJ, Manas DM. Biliary Cast Syndrome / Cholangiopathy in liver transplant recipients: A single centre experience with literature review.. Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int,2008 Vol 7, No 3, 300-303. PMID: 18522886. 
Chapters in Books
  • Srinivasaiah N and Drew P J. Quality Of Life Issues in Breast Surgery. Recent Advances In Surgery (2007) Ed: 30, Chapter 5, RSM Press. ISBN- 9781853157202
  • Srinivasaiah N, Hubbard A. Ultrasound Appearances of Benign and Malignant Breast Disease. Interventional Ultrasound of the Breast (2007), Chapter 5, Informa Healthcare. ISBN: 9781841844169



MB BS, MD (Academic surgery), MRCS (Eng, Ed, Glas), MRCSI (Dub), FRCS (Gen.Surg), EBSQ (European Board of Surgery – Coloproctology)

Work Experience

  • Senior consultant – Colorectal Surgery (Colorectal, Peritoneal & Pelvic oncology) Laparoscopic & Robotic surgery                                       
  • Honorary senior Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

Certifications & Professional Memberships

  • memberships from the college of surgeons of England, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin. A fellow of the Inter collegiate board of surgeons (UK) and is certified by the European board of surgery

Medical Council Registration


Special Interests

  • His areas of interest are in Cancer surgery (colonic / rectal/ anal / appendiceal / pelvic and peritoneal). His work also includes proctology, inflammatory bowel disease, Diverticulosis and all aspects of functional and pelvic floor problems. He is a Laparoscopic and robotic surgeon. 


  • Dr Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah is a Senior Consultant in the Department of Colorectal Surgery / surgical oncology for Karnataka Region at Apollo Institute of Colorectal Surgery.