About Us - Ask Apollo

Ask Apollo is a virtual consult service from Apollo Hospitals. It connects billions of patients to Asia’s most advanced healthcare network. It is a patient-centric service that gives patients the freedom to consult a doctor at his convenience from anywhere, anytime. It’s easy and interactive. Users can talk to doctors face-to-face through video conferencing or connect with them via voice call or email, no matter where you are in the world. All at the click of a button.

Ask Apollo provides the user a trustworthy source of personalized health and wellness advice which can be accessed from anywhere at the hour of need. It is the first service in India to practice evidence based medicine to assure the quality of clinical delivery. It is also the only online consultation platform to maintain a dedicated Medical response centre consisting of Family Physicians to provide virtual consultations to users 24X7. It also allows the users to consult Apollo Doctors across all specialities and super specialities. Patients with severe health conditions for the first time have an option to consult a Multi speciality board of doctors from Apollo Hospitals virtually. Ask Apollo features one of the most easy to use website interfaces with the least touch points in the patient journey.

Through Ask Apollo we are in process of making the world's most advanced and integrated Healthcare solution. With access, convenience and patient safety at the core Ask Apollo ensures Continuum of Care for a Healthier and Happier future.