Surgical Oncologist in Delhi

Dr S M Shuaib Zaidi


Work Experience

22 yrs+

Registration No

MCI 14362


English, हिंदी, தமிழ், اردو


Apollo Hospitals Delhi
  • Dr. S M Shuaib Zaidi is a renowned surgical oncologist who has been associated with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.
  • Dr Zaidi has been serving the country for the past 17 years. He is well trained in diagnosing and treating head and neck cancers and breast cancers.
  • He is popularly known as the specialist who has performed the first Robotic esophagectomy and Lobectomy for esophageal and lung cancer in Delhi in 2011. He has as a history of providing 100% relief to cancer patients.

Speciality And Areas Of Interest

  • Minimally invasive surgeries
  • Head and Neck cancers
  • Lung and Esophageal cancers
  • Breast and Gynecologic malignancies
  • Major Gastro– Intestinal Malignancies
  • Soft Tissue Sarcomas.

Work Experience


Awards and Achievements

  • Did first Robotic esophagectomy and Lobectomy for esophageal and lung cancer respectively in Delhi in 2011.

Research and Publications

  • Simple Nerve dissecting technique for identification of marginal mandibular nerve in Radical neck dissection. Syed Mohd. Shuaib Zaidi Journal of Surgical Oncology 08/ 2007; 96(1) 71-2.
  • MRI evaluation of contralateral breast in patients with recently diagnosed breast cancer. Sangeeta Taneja, Amarnath Jena, Syed Mohd Shuaib Zaidi, Anuj Khurana. The Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 01/2012;22(1): 69-73
  • Mutation Analysis of Prohibin- a highly conserved gene in Indian female breast cancer patients. Mohammed Zeeshan Najm, Md Salman Akhtar, Shuaib Zaidi Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention APJCP 01/2012; 13(10):5113-7.
  • Immunohistochemical expression of mutationstudy of Prohibingene in Indian female breast cancer cases. Mohammed Zeeshan Najm, Shuaib Zaidi, Waseem Ahmed Siddiqui, Syed Akhtar Hussain. Medical Onclogy 09/2013;30(3):614
  • Mutation and protein expression analysis of CYP1A1 gene- A study on female breast Cancer cases in India. Mohammed Zeeshan Najm, Salman Akhtar Ishaq Ahmad, Shuaib Zaidi, Waseem Ahmad Siddiqui et al. Tumour Biology 10/2013
  • Pelvic exenteration: A perspective from regional Cancer Centre from India. Durgatosh Pandey, Shuaib Zaidi, Vikas Mahajan, Ravi Kannan. Indian Journal of Cancer 01/2004; 41(3): 109-14

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