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MBBS, MS, DNB,AO Fellow Germany ,SICOT Diploma.


English, বাংলা, हिंदी, मराठी

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Work Experience

  • Surgical Skills and expertise :
    • Management of all types of trauma , routine orthopaedic patients including emergencies  and planned Joint Replacement  Surgeries .

    I am competent in the following :

    • Management of all types of routine orthopaedic patients including emergencies.
    • All routine Musculoskeletal and  fracture fixation surgeries ,
    • Fixation of  all complex pelvic and acetabular fractures . 
    • Total HIP  replacement ( Both cemented & uncemented) Surgeries, (THR)
    • Total KNEE  replacement surgeries for degenerative and other arthritic knees (TKR) .

Awards and Achievements

    • Fellow of A.O. International , Katheriran Hospital Stuttgart (Germany) 
    • Lester Lowe Memorial Fellowship.  SICOT regional Congress at Izmir (Turkey) 2002
    • ICRETT fellowship of UICC at Memorial  Sloan – Kettering Cancer Center,  NewYork, USA. Prof. John H. Healey 
    • Spinal  Fellow at Hospital for Speciality Surgery New York  USA , Prof. Boachi .
    • AADO  Fellowship , Edinburgh Int'l Trauma Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland  August, 2002 .
    • Attended AO course 2002 at DAVOS Switzerland as a Faculty Member for principals .2003
    • Yamamuro Ogihara Scholarship and Japanese Paediatric Orthopaedic Association Fellowship Tokyo JAPAN , Oct 2003 to  Nov 2003 .
    • 14th Annual Meeting of Japanese paediatric orthopaedic association at Tokyo 21st ,22nd Nov 2003
    • APOA spinal Fellowship at National Taiwan University Hospital Taipei Taiwan , With Prof P Q Chen from July 2005 to Aug 2005 ( One Month ).Got exposure to scoliosis surgery and other spinal surgery. International courses and Conferences
    • Attended 5 th Asia pacific Orthopaedic Symphosium 2006 –Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Aug 15 to !9 2006 , The Ritz –Carlton , Millenia Singapore.
    • MISS Spinal Endoscopy Course “ Wooridul International spinal centre “ Seoul Korea Aug 2008 .
    • Zimmer Revision Hip and Knee Regional Symposium 31 st Oct -1 st Nov 2009 at Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2012 (AAOS) at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, February 7-11, 2012.
    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2014 (AAOS) at the New Orleans LA , March  11-15 2014.
    • Zimmer Hip and Knee Regional Symposium 4 to 7 th July 2014 at Shangrila Singapore.
    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2016(AAOS) at the Orlando FL Orange county Convention Center in Orlando , March 1-5 ,2016.

Research and Publications

    • Clinical Study of '' Correction of Muscle Imbalance around ankle in Post Polio Residual Paralysis" (Thesis for MS Examination 1992).
    • Phase II controlled & comparative, randomized, non cross over, double blind trial of free flex i.e. Glucosamine sulphate & chondritin sulphate (In unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee joint.(Published)
    • Study of Calcium sulphate cement as bone substitute in orthopaedic Infection & bone defect.(published)
    • Use of Calcium Sulphates in bone infections and Bone defects
    • Use of Polymethylmethcralate cement and antibiotic impregnated nail in management of Diaphyseal infection and infected non unions .

    PUBLICATIONS (International):

    • Abduction contracture of Deltoid Muscle in children. International Orthopaedics SICOT (1995) 19:289-290. Dr. H R. Jhunjhunwala.
    • Patellar complications following distal femoral replacement after bone tumor resection. Schwab JH, Agarwal P, Boland PJ, Kennedy JG, Healey JH.    J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2006;88:2229. 
    • Correction of club foot by External stabilization System ( Mini External Fixator) J Jpn Ped Orthop Ass14 (2) : 269- 276 , 2005 .Tokyo Japan.

    PUBLICATIONS (National):

    • Ochronotic spondyloarthropathy ( Review with case report) BHJ Vol 36 no.1 1994, 130 – 137
    • Tuberculous spondylitis (Global lesion ) BHJ Vol 40 No. 2 1998 290-292
    • Osteogenic Sarcoma with extension into proximal tibial epiphysis (a case report) .BHJ vol. 38 no 2,1995
    • Abduction contracture of shoulder functional disability .Indian Journal Of Orthopaedics .Vol.31, No. 3 ,Sept.97, P.196-199.
    • Study of Deltoid contractures Co-author Text book of orthopaedics and trauma. India Orthopaedic Association (IOA) 1999 Vol 3 ,2583
    • Freeflex in OA : An Indian Experience . Indian Journal of clinical Practice ,Vol13,No.8 Jan 2003.
    • A Case Report : Grade 3 Compound Comminuted Fracture Lower 3 rd Humerus with Brachial Artery Injury& Signs Of Compartment Syndrome. AMAR Apollo ( A Monthly News Letter : AHD) VOL 1; NO 3 JUNE 2006.
    • Management of open fracture -Debridement and Irrigation : Simple key to Complex Problem “Pulse ”Medical Journal of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka . Volume:01, Number: 02 , June: 2007.
    • Soft Tissue Release Surgery and Rehabilitation Of Cerebral Palsy Patients . “Pulse ” Medical Journal of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka . Volume 2; number 3 ; April 2008.
    • Post Traumatic Fat Embolic Syndrome A Serious And Life Threatening .“Pulse ” Medical Journal of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka . Volume 2 ; number 3 ; April 2008. CLINICAL PRESENTATION & CONFERENCE PARTICIPATION:
    • Role of 3-D CT scan in pre operative assessment and management of acetabular fracture. (I O A Con. XXX VIII Annual conference Nov. 1993 Bhopal India)
    • Post polio residual paralysis around ankle &foot. Presented at Dept. of Orthopaedics traumatology &Reconstructive Surgery, Katherinenhospital Stuttgart Germany March 94.
    • JESS for management of club foot. SICOT Regional Congress Sept. 1995 Izmir Turkey.
    • Study of Deltoid contracture. SICOT Regional Congress 95 Izmir Turkey.
    • Anterior Spinal Instrumentation For Kochs Spine : Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference 2001 , Mumbai .
    • Correction of club foot by External stabilization System ( Mini External Fixator): 14th Annual Meetingof Japanese Paediatric Orthopaedic Association at Tokyo 21st ,22nd Nov 2003
    • Proximal Humerus Fracture Simple Solution for difficult situation : Western India Regional Orthopaedic Conference 2003 ,29th 30th Nov 2003 The Intercontinental.The Grand Mumbai .
    • Improved stability for unstable cervical spine : Association of Spinal Surgeons of India ,17th Annual Conference 23rd to 25th January 2004 Pune Maharashtra India. 
    • Case report of Technique Shoulder Arthrodesis. Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society XIX Scientific Congress (BOSCON ) ,March 10-12, 2006; Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    • Evaluation,planning &management of acetabular fractures. Dr. Arshad ,Dr Prashant Agrawal, Bangladesh Orthopaedic Society XX Scientific Congress ( BOSCON 2007) ,March 5-6, 2007; Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
    • Non vascularised fibular graft: management of non union diaphyseal fractures and bony defects. Dr Manan, Dr Prashant Agrawal, BOSCON 2008 : 22/03/2008 NITOR Dhaka Bangladesh.
    • Management of humeral shaft fractures with interlocking intra medullary nail. Dr Maruf , Dr Prashant Agrawal , BOSCON 2008 : 21/03/2008 NITOR Dhaka Bangladesh. 
    • Pedicular spinal needel biopsy – A diagnostic tool for deep spinal lesion . Dr Maruf , Dr Prashant Agrawal , BOSCON 2008 : 21/03/2008 NITOR Dhaka Bangladesh.

Professional Memberships

  • Membership Of Professional Bodies :
    • Indian  Orthopaedic Association (IOA)
    • Bombay Orthopaedic Society.(BOS)
    • Maharashtra Orthopaedic Association (MOA)
    • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon (AAOS)
    • Asian Association for Dynamic Osteosynthesis (AADO) , Hong Kong
    • Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association Malaysia (APOA )
    • World Orthopaedic Concern Singapore ( WOC )
    • Association of Consultants of India MUMBAI (AMC)
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