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Dr Satishchandra P

MBBS, DM (Neurology), FAMS, FIAN, FRCP (London)

Work Experience

35 yrs+

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KMC 13475




Apollo Speciality Hospitals Jayanagar Bangalore

Summary :

Well Known eminent  Neurologist and epileptologist with more than 35years experience in the field  from National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore .  Nationally & Internationally acclaimed as postgraduate teacher, researcher and administrator for his contribution in the field of Epilepsy, Demyelinating  disorders , Neuro Infections including HIV Neurolgy.


  • Established ‘Comprehensive Epilepsy Program’ including Epilepsy Surgery program , Video EEG facility at the prestigious National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences ( NIMHANS) , Bangalore
  • As, Professor of Neurology , Post graduate teacher & researcher  for more than four decades, trained number of neurologists  who are working all over India & abroad
  • Was Director Vice Chancellor, NIMHANS from June 2010 to Jan 2016, instrumental in getting the status of “Institute of national Importance’ to NIMHANS by act of Parliament in 2012, brought state of art technology such as MEG, PET-MRI and Simultaneous MRI-EEG to India . Initiated number of new courses in Neurology and Psychiatry for the first time in the country.  Established number of International collaborations

Specialty Interests:

  • Epilepsy -  Diagnosis and management of  difficult to treat epilepsy , Reflex Epilepsy, Juvenile myoclonic  epilepsy(JME) , progressive myoclonic epilepsy (PME) , Electroencephalography, Video EEG, Pre surgical evaluation  for epilepsy, Imaging in epilepsy ; Genetics of Epilepsy  and Psycho social & Legal aspects of epilepsy
  • Demyelinating Disorders : Diagnosis &  management of  Multiple Sclerosis (MS) both acute and chronic  with recent advances in Imaging , drug management and  neuro rehabilitation; Neuromyelitis Optica ( NMO)  and other emyelinating disorders  such as Vascultis, Sjogren syndrome, Neuro Bechet’s disease
  • Neuro Infections  : Neuro tuberculosis  both brain and spine , Diagnosis & management of spinal arachanoditis; Auto Immune encephalitis,  Viral encephalitis , HIV Neurology  specially in relation to opportunistic neuro infections  diagnosis and management

Research & Publications  :

  • Has more than 275 publications in the well known National  International journals including 50 chapters in the books and  Seven  monograms in epilepsy, neuroepidemiology and Techniques in neurosciences

Speciality And Areas Of Interest

  • Epilepsy, Electroencephalography ( EEG), Video  EEG 
  • Demyelinating disorders – Multiple Sclerosis ( MS), Neuromyelitis Optica ; and other demyelinating disorders
  • Neuro Infections Including  Neuro TB & HIV Neurology

Work Experience

  • Consultant in Neurology , NIMHANS , Bangalore  : 1982-2017 (35 years)
  • Ex.Professor of Neurology , NIMHANS : 2000 -17
  • Former Director & Vice Chancellor , NIMHANS  :  2010-2016

Awards and Achievements

  • ‘Ambassador for Epilepsy’  from ILAE & IBE    2017
  • Sir M.Visvesvaraya  Senior Scientist State award for the year  2016
  • Karnataka Rajyothsava Award  by Government of Karnataka   2014
  • Asia Oceanian Outstanding Achievement Award in Epilepsy    2011
  • Basanti Devi Amir Chand  ICMR award   2010
  • Sir CV Raman Award for Young Scientists 1998

Research and Publications

  • 276 Publications  Including 51 Chapters in  books
  • 7 Monograms in Epilepsy, & Epidemiology

Professional Memberships and Certifications


  • Neuroepidemiology  &  Epilepsy  
  • NINDS, National Institute of Health ( NIH), USA


  • Member, President, Indian Academy of Neurology  ( IAN)  2011-12
  • Member ,President, Indian Epilepsy Society ( IES)  2014-16
  • Chair, Regional Executive Committee, South East Asian Epilepsy ( 2014-17)
  • Fellow, Royal College of Physicians ( FRCP) ( London)
  • Fellow ,Academy of Medical sciences  (FAMS) 
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