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Apollo ProHealth

Apollo ProHealth is a state-of-the-art preventive health management program. Built on a rich experience of 22 million health checks and powered by Artificial Intelligence, it will help Prevent, Predict and Overcome Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Stroke, Cancer and Obesity.

Suitable for everyone above 18 years

Apollo ProHealth for Covid Recovery and Wellness

A scientifically designed AI enabled program focused on Covid 19 recovery. It provides physical support and mental reassurance and helps you bounce back to life faster. Helps overcome Covid-19 residual effects like tiredness, breathlessness and presence of non - communicable diseases which aggravates Covid 19 and and supports with curated physical and mental rehabilitation plans.

Suitable for everyone above 18 years


The Apollo ProHealth Program

A specially curated program spanning across 3 years, hinged on the guiding principle of PPO – Predict, Prevent and Overcome. Powered by AI, the pHRA assesses your health risks. Once the multi-system diagnostic screening is completed, ProHealth mentors help you personalize your health plan along with the Apollo medical experts. They will guide you along the path of good health and well-being, through long-term nutrition, exercise, mental health and wellness support.

Proactive , periodic health mentor support and app based digital interventions help you to track your health and steer you towards healthier outcomes. ProHealth provides holistic, seamless care through services like home delivery of medicines, home sample collection and follow-up physician consults. Physiotherapy and vaccination counselling as per need, personalized health reports, data analytics, digitized medical records and nudges towards healthy behaviour through scientific goal setting are hallmarks of this state-of-the-art program.

Apollo ProHealth: A Better Strategy for Better Health


  • Multi system body assessment
  • Health Assessment based on age, gender, family history, known symptoms and conditions
  • Health analytics for individuals and corporates


  • HealthMentor for personalized health advice and guidance
  • Pan India specialist consultation through the Apollo Hospital and Clinic network
  • Physiotherapy intervention for improved functioning (when needed)


  • Condition Management Advice on managing pre—existing conditions including referrals to specialists as required
  • Personalized Health and Lifestyle Modification - specific advice on Nutrition, Lifestyle modification, Stress, sleep and behavioural changes

Frequently Asked Questions


Covid 19 has more serious outcomes in persons with non-communicable diseases (NCD) like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, mental health disorders and cancers. ProHealth will help Predict, Prevent and Overcome the risks related to NCDS and play an important role in preventing an adverse outcome. Hence, it is of immense value for both physical and mental health management.