Recover Clinic
Recover Clinic
Recover Clinic

Apollo ReCOVer Clinics

To ensure good health to patients who have recovered from COVID-19, Apollo Hospitals launched Apollo ReCOVer Clinics.

As COVID-19 has an impact on multiple organs, Apollo ReCOVer Clinics will offer comprehensive, multi-disciplinary evaluation and care for post-COVID patients. The Clinics will screen, assess and treat post-COVID patients to prevent acute complications of the post-COVID syndrome and effectively manage the chronic situations which form a part of the post-COVID syndrome.

Apollo ReCOVer Clinics Post-COVID Management Program include:
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment (Department of Pulmonology, Neurology and Cardiology)
  • Mental health assessment and counselling
  • Physical assessment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutritionist counselling

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Frequently Asked Questions


There have been studies with a COVID-19 infection that protective antibodies may not last very long and may wane at just 3 months. In addition. there is significant evidence that a few patients with relatively mild symptoms, who were treated at home, may also experience prolonged sickness, even after beating the COVID-19 infection. Therefore, patients who:

  • Suffered from COVID-19 and have recovered
  • Have had COVID-19 infection and Antibody test done
  • Visited Fever Clinic at Apollo Clinics earlier should visit Apollo ReCOVer Clinics to ensure good health post COVID-19 .