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Predict. Prevent. Prevail.

Apollo ProHealth is a personalised health check program, crafted by expert doctors and AI to capture your complete health status, predict risks and guide you on a path to wellness.

Drawing on 40 years of clinical expertise and 25 million screenings, ProHealth actively prevents and addresses lifestyle diseases. It's not just a program; it's a proactive stride towards the pursuit of peak health.


Your Journey to better health

Your ProHealth program includes:

Clinical excellence

Based on 40 years of clinical expertise, we have brought together science, medicine and technology to craft your ProHealth, just for you.


Holistic diagnostics & doctor review

Beyond the blood tests, ProHealth checks your heart, lung and metabolic function, cancers, flexibility, sleep and mind health. Our expert doctors help you interpret & define your path to better health.


AI-powered predictive risk scores

Our AI solutions help predict and prevent future cardiac and other risks. It’s a proactive approach to prevent problems before they occur.


Guided path to wellness

We help you stay on track to better health by maintaining a digital record, with digital nudges and health mentor calls (as needed) for informed advice and follow-up care.

Choose your ProHealth Program


Standard Health Programs

We have designed ProHealth programs by age and gender profiles for you to choose from.

My ProHealth

Individualised Health Programs

You are unique. So, you can custom design your very own ProHealth program based on your unique health profile.

ProHealth Zen

Enabling Healthy Longevity

The most clinically advanced health check program with head-to-toe evaluation and a dedicated physician partner.


Apollo ProHealth is a personalized health check program designed by Apollo Hospitals to help individuals be proactive about their health and wellbeing. Designed by expert doctors and AI (artificial intelligence), ProHealth captures your complete health status, predicts risks, and guides you on your path to wellness. Drawing on Apollo Hospitals' rich legacy of 40 years of clinical excellence and insights from over 25 million health screenings, Apollo ProHealth equips you to not only prevent but also predict and potentially overcome lifestyle diseases.

Unlike traditional health checkups, Apollo ProHealth offers holistic diagnostics, including laboratory tests and imaging/radiology scans, personalized health risk assessment, multi-organ evaluations, , expert doctor reviews, and dedicated health mentors for ongoing support.

For a transformative journey to wellness, explore Apollo ProHealth: Learn More

Most health check packages in the market comprise only blood-based laboratory investigations. While blood investigations are important, they don’t necessarily provide a complete picture of your health status. They need to be coupled with relevant imaging/radiology scans and need to be interpreted by doctors. Also, most health check packages end with you receiving a report for you to interpret. We all know – that a report doesn’t improve your health, but the right actions do.

This is where Apollo ProHealth is revolutionary. Each Apollo ProHealth check has 1. Relevant Lab investigations 2. Imaging/Radiology Scans 3. Expert Doctor Reviews 4. AI-powered Predictive Health Risk Scores 5. Guided path to wellness. With this holistic and long-term view for health, Apollo ProHealth has redefined health checks.

Based on Apollo’s 40 years of clinical data, Apollo ProHealth’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine predicts health risks and identifies potential problems early. Through holistic diagnostics, personalized assessments, multi-organ evaluations, and expert doctor consultations, we create a customized health plan for you.

Choose from a range of program options:

1. ProHealth Standard Programs: Designed for specific age & gender groups, offering a convenient pre-built health check options.

2. My ProHealth: Craft your own individualized health check program based on your unique needs and health profile.

3. ProHealth Zen: The most advanced health check, featuring a comprehensive head-to-toe evaluation and a dedicated physician to guide you.

You can book your health check appointment for the same day, next day, or up to the next 15 days based on the available time slots in your preferred Apollo Hospitals unit. You can check the slots online on Apollo Hospitals website or call our national helpline at 1800-570-1033 to book your health check appointment.

Secure your well-being – Book your Apollo ProHealth appointment today!

With Apollo ProHealth, you have the option to NOT fast overnight for your health check. Following the latest clinical research, overnight fasting is no longer mandatory. However, if you prefer to fast overnight or have been advised to do so by your doctor, please fast for 10-12 hours before your appointment. For further questions, please refer to this detailed non-overnight fasting protocol FAQ page.

Please continue to take your usual medication and carry previous medical records, if any, e.g. prescriptions, medications etc. Please refrain from having alcohol or tobacco the previous evening.

Prepare for your health journey – Follow our pre-checkup guidelines for optimal results.

Yes, Apollo ProHealth offers the convenience of sample collection from the comfort of your home for the Master Health Checkup. This facility is currently available in limited cities. We are constantly improving our coverage. So, please check with our national call centre to schedule your home sample collection. Experience the same accuracy and reliability from the comfort of your home.

By giving your laboratory samples like blood, urine, stool in advance at your home, you save time when you visit for Apollo Hospitals for your imaging / radiology scans and expert doctor consultations. When you have your doctor consultations, the doctors will have access to almost all of your test results, and therefore they will be able to guide you better with complete understanding of your health status.

Effortless health monitoring – Schedule your Master Health Checkup with at-home sample collection today.

A Full Body Checkup under Apollo ProHealth is a comprehensive health assessment encompassing diagnostic evaluations of vitals and organ functions. This allows you to identify potential health risks early. ProHealth full body health check comprises not just blood tests. It also includes all the relevant laboratory tests, imaging / radiology scans, health assessments, and AI-powered predictive health risk scores to help you understand your complete health baseline and your future risks. ProHealth check reviews your parameters including heart, lung and metabolic function, cancers, bone health, flexibility, gut health, sexual health and mind health. Expert doctor specialists, viz. physician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, ENT specialist, general surgeon (for males) and gynaecologist (for females) and nutritionist interpret your results & guide you on a path to better health. Additionally, participants receive a secure Digital Health Record for anytime, anywhere access to their health reports.

Comprehensive care at your fingertips – Explore the detailed inclusions of Apollo ProHealth Full Body Checkup.

A Master Health Checkup is recommended for individuals who want a thorough evaluation of their health. It is especially beneficial for those with a family history of chronic diseases, overweight individuals, smokers, inactive individuals, or anyone concerned about their health. ProHealth's master health check-up offers comprehensive diagnostic assessment of multiple organ systems at an affordable price point.

Prioritize your well-being – Schedule your Master Health Checkup at your convenience.

Apollo ProHealth covers a wide range of tests, including personalized health risk assessments, multi-organ evaluations, AI-powered predictive risk scores and diagnostic tests based on your unique health profile. The program ensures a comprehensive assessment tailored to your individual needs.

Tailored diagnostics for personalized care – Uncover the details of Apollo ProHealth tests.

The duration of an Apollo ProHealth checkup may vary based on the selected program. Generally, the process takes a few hours to ensure a thorough assessment of your health. The average time taken for ProHealth is ~3 hours. Considering we have 365*24 = 8760 hours every year, we just need 3 of those hours to ensure that we are on a path to wellness. That leaves us with 99.97% time to enjoy good health!

Invest a few hours for a lifetime of well-being – Begin your Apollo ProHealth journey today.

Following your Apollo ProHealth checkup, you won't have to wait long to see the results. Most reports are generated within a few hours, although the exact timeframe may vary depending on the health checkup package. To ensure easy and secure access to your health information, we recommend downloading and registering on Apollo 24/7 App. It’s free. This app allows you to download a digital health record containing your ProHealth reports. With the app, you'll have complete control over your health data, letting you view your reports conveniently anytime, anywhere.

Stay informed and empowered – Access your Apollo ProHealth reports promptly through Apollo 24/7 app on iOS App Store or Android Play Store.

Yes, Apollo ProHealth Full Body Checkup, also known as Whole Body Program includes reviews with expert doctor specialists viz. physician, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, ENT specialist, general surgeon (for males) and gynaecologist (for females) and nutritionist.They interpret your results comprehensively & guide you on a path to better health.

Comprehensive care from experts – Your Apollo ProHealth Full Body Checkup includes a physician consultation.

Apollo ProHealth offers various programs catering to different needs and budgets. The price depends on the selected program, ranging from Apollo ProHealth Standard Programs to Apollo ProHealth Zen.

As a philosophy, Apollo Hospitals stands for the highest clinical quality and doing the right thing for its customers. Hence, Apollo ProHealth delivers holistic diagnostics which includes lab, imaging, doctor consults and AI-powered predictive health risk scores. We have helped predict, prevent and overcome lifestyle diseases for over 25 million people, thereby improving their health and overall happiness.

Choose wellness that fits your needs – Explore the cost-effective Apollo ProHealth packages.

Health insurance coverage for full-body checkups may vary. Some plans cover health check-ups once or twice a year. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider regarding the inclusion of preventive health checkups. Some insurance plans may cover part or all of the expenses.

For those who pay for their health check out of pocket, Section 80D of income tax includes a deduction of up to Rs 5,000 for health check expenses.

Maximize your benefits – Inquire with your insurance provider about coverage for your Full Body Checkup.

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